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Afro Reggae and Funky Highlife World Beat Sounds


Chata Addy and Susuma performed at LoveJoy Fountain Park for Summer Free Movie/Concert Program


Chata Addy’s band, Susuma, plays original contemporary style music; featuring Ghanaian Funky Highlife and Afro Reggae world beat and sound.  Chata, as leader of the band, performs a three musical variety by playing the congas, the talking drum, and performing lead vocals. 

The bands extensive background in drumming brings plenty of energy to the stage. Whether Chata Addy is singing in his native Ghanaian language or in English language, the audience can understand, as well as feel the joy through his music. To book Chata Addy and his Susuma band 



For booking/Teaching Artist/School Performance/Monthly Drum workshop

Tel. 503-473 -1651