Chata Addy was born and raised outside of Accra,City of Ghana, West Africa. Music has always been part of his life. The giving one’s special gift of  music is an Addy traditional, and Chata has a rich background in both traditional and contemporary music to share.

Chata has been drumming and dancing since he was 3 years old. In 1985 Chata came to America and began performing and touring the world with his renowned uncle Yakubu Addy. Two years later Chata joined his other famous uncle Obo Addy’s traditional and contemporary groups.

In 1989 Chata created his own band, Susuma, and has been delighting Northwest audiences ever since with his groovy mix of Afro Reggae and Funky Highlife. Chata has performed and recorded with the likes of Obo Addy,King Sunny Ade and many others.

Chata also enjoys sharing his knowledge and love of music by leading drumming and dancing workshops. Chata Addy working within the Young Audience program through the public school system. Chata has had the opportunity to connect with young people and pass on the gift of music.


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